Vanessa Bouziges (aka Vanska) is a designer and a visual artist.

She began to mix art and design in 1995 after she completed her visual communication education.

She has been a collaboration with french label Sessun since its’ creation.

For a dozen years Vanska has been successful in her works of graphic creation and design. She has been working on creating the visual identity of the store, decorating the boutiques and drawing textile prints.

She has realized more personal projects, in the same time.

At the beginning of the year 2000s she created an Artists’ collective – Muesli- and exhibitions under the same name. This allowed her the opportunity to experiment with different printing techniques on other mediums and share creative moments with other artists.

Installed in Morocco Since 2005, she’s collaborating with craftsmen and developing a jewelry collection distributed by Sessùn. This artisanal approach enriches her graphics and plastics and the research that goes into giving this jewelry such practicality and beauty.

In 2014, She’s training to weave in Morocco with an artistic skill developing her own technique of contemporary tapestry.

A first exhibition of its work is presented under the name of "Rhythm & Wool"
in Casablanca.